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As reported by California Department of Corrections & Rehabilitation the population in insttitutions in 2013 was just over 134,000 1.1 percent higher than in 2012 and they estimate a 0.8% increase in 2014 or about 135,430. It is projected that by the year 2019 this number could grow to146,796. In the meantime the parole in 2013 had a7.2% decrease

In accordance with Determinate Sentencing Law offenders are sentenced to California state prison for a set amount of time. When the time is served, the inmate is then released under parole supervision within the community.

When offenders are convicted of serious crimes such as murder or attempted murder, or kidnapping for ransom then they get sentenced under the Indeterminate Sentencing Law (ISL) and serve a term of life with only the possibility of parole. Life term sentence with the possibility of parole offenders cannot be released on parole unless the BPH determines eligibility of joining society.

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