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State of Colorado

Capital: Denver

State abbreviation: CO

Entered Union: Aug. 1, 1876

Motto:Nothing without Providence

Nickname: Centennial State

Top 10 largest cities: Denver, Colorado Springs, Aurora, Fort Collins, Lakewood, Thornton, Westminster, Arvada, Pueblo, Centennial

Land area: 103,717 sq miles

Number of counties: 64

Population: 5,029,196

Male: 2,520,662

Female: 2,508,534

White: 81.3%

Black: 4.0%

American Indian: 1.1%

Asian: 2.8%

Other race: 7.2%

Hispanic: 20.7%

Colorado Criminal Background Checks

Each State has different rules on privacy and public records plus each jurisdiction has different availability for various types of public and criminal information collected on each individual. Some counties only provide information for certain years and certain kind of public or cirminal information so a background check might or might not include every detail possible. That is why you should try to get background checks from different sources and due some dilligence if the search your doing is critical.

Most online Colorado criminal background checks provide bankruptcy, liens, judgements and civil information. Even marriage and divorce can be held private at the request of parites involved. But whatever information is availale and part of public records is usually aggregated in databases where you can do searches in person through authorities or through online criminal check providers.

Usually online background checks are easy to do through online providers. In the least you need the last name of the person you are searching for but more information you have easier and more accurate your results will be. Usually the name, last name, city where they have lived (it does not need to be the current city of residence) and the state i.e. Colorado. A lot of online providers would also allow you to run criminal background checks nationally but for more common names you could have problems getting results you might encounter too many result error messages. If you have someone's social security number that is another way to get a criminal check of course the most accurate since every one in United States has a unique SSN number.

Keep in mind the criminal checks you run online are for personal reasons, if you do plan to run a background check for employment in Colorado or any other state you many only do so through FCRA approved providers and you do need the authorization of the person you are running a background check on. But for personal reasons you may use most online providers, results could vary slightly depending on the sources of public data the online service provider uses. Also there are different levels of information available in the reports for slightly different fees.

Free Criminal Searches in Colorado

What Is an Colorado Criminal Background Check?

An Colorado Criminal Check usually offers a search in public and criminal records for:

  • Criminal Offenses
  • Personal Information
  • Address History
  • Marriage and Divorce Records
  • Civil Court Cases
  • Bankruptcies
  • Liens and Judgments

Premium Criminal Background checks also include neighbors and relatives and associates of the individuals you search for.