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Run a criminal search by looking into criminal record and court records, you can check jail records, and department of corrections information as well as criminal and civil court cases for judgments, dispositions, lawsuits, bankruptcies.

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How to do a criminal records search

Criminal records allow us to learn and easily have access to criminal past of an individual or individuals that we are curious about. Be it an applicant, potential partner or just any individual, criminal records can provide a good piece of information, good enough to know about their past crimes.

What are criminal records?

Criminal records or “Criminal History Records” is literally a database or a store of records of arrest information, dispositions filed against a person or group of people, either by state, local or federal criminal justice and law enforcement agencies.

Who provides these criminal records?

Every state has a criminal history database and also has an authority or office responsible for the collection and maintenance of all records submitted by the law enforcement agencies in this states Records are collected and kept from the compilations of data filed or submitted by law enforcement agencies, be it federal, state or local. These records are to be released to the public thus they must be very reliable and well-verified which is the reason why ongoing investigation records are excluded. This keeps the facts intact and as well allows law enforcement agency to work effectively.

What are the uses of Criminal records?

The importance of criminal records to the lives of the citizens and their businesses cannot be over emphasized. They are important for the safety of the citizens but to serve as yardstick to know who to trust and what extent we can trust them. There various uses of the criminal records, a few of which include:

Applicants Past records check

This is one of the most common uses of criminal records. Entrepreneurs and employers of labor now take time to check for every previous crimes and law violations of every of the job applicants to ensure that such a person can be trusted, this is most common for firm and establishments that deal with lots of money, valuable as well as confidential and/or personal information. Many companies have incorporated criminal records check with other application processes.

Loan granting backgrounds check

Most banks and other lending agencies generally perform a thorough criminal record search of individuals when processing their applications for loan. Loans granting firms always want to know if an individual is trustworthy of returning the loans they are applying g for and of course their past criminal records will a by a mile give them an insight of who the individual is .  Though an individual showing up on the database may not hinder him or her from get employed or been granted the loan applied for, but it tells the firms and lending agencies a lot about the person in question.

Public Safety and Personal Curiosity

Life and security are of utmost importance to everyone and to the society in general, which is another reason why people make use of the criminal records. Most people are curious to know about the people around them; people working for them, living around or with them. What they are? Who they used to be? What they have done in time past? And so many other questions are what some people, who use the criminal records search, try to find answers to.

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