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Delaware Court records are a reliable source for searching criminal backgroundss, to locate people and to lookup liens, judgements, bankruptcy and arrest records in Delaware. Search Alabma Court Records and see convictions, felonies, misdemeanors, sex offenses and other criminal record offenses.Find Case Number, arrest record, filing date, disposition, offense and sentence. While each state has different privacy statutes almost all states carry statewide information for people in the state corrections system. Search in courts such as Delaware State Courts, Delaware State Appellate Courts, Delaware State Supreme Courts, Alabma County Court, Delaware Small Claims Courts, Delaware Municipal Courts, Delaware County Courts, Delaware Family Courts, Delaware Probate Courts, Delaware Bankruptcy Courts, Delaware Traffic Courts. Civil court record search will help you find non-criminal litigation. This Delawaresearch will identify suits filed by individuals or corporations including product liability suits and civil rights violations in Delaware.

Delaware Court System

In Delaware, Judiciary court system is consisted of the Supreme Court, the Superior Court, the Family Court, the Court of Chancery, the Court of Common Pleas and the Justice of the Peace Court.

Court orgnization is similar to other states where lower court decisions are eleveated to higher courts with Supreme court having final jurisdiction.

The Supreme Court of Delaware

The Supreme Court is the State's highest appellate court in Dover, and hears appeals from other courts such as the Court of Chancery, the Family Court o rthe Superior Court. Administrative court policies are set by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court in cooperation with other justices.

The Court of Chancery

Matters involving equity are heard in the Court of Chancery which includes trusts, corporate matters, estates or any matter involving purchase of land or real estate or commercial contracts. Supreme court hears any appeals from the Court of Chancery.

The Superior Courts of Delaware

The Superior Court as in other states presides over civil court cases as well as criminal cases but not equity cases. It hears exclusively all drug offenses and felonies and it does look into matters where there is no monetary maximum. It is the appelate court for lower courts such as the Court of Common Pleas or Family Courts.

The Family Courts

The Family Court hears cases regarding all matters dealing with family and juveniles. Appeals from this court unless they are criminal cases are taken to Superior Court whereas any criminal case from The Family Court is appealed in the Superior Court.

The Court of Common Pleas

The Court of Common Pleas hears cases with monetary values not over $50,000 and has jurisdiction over misdemeanors however traffic related and felonies are heard in the Superior Court. However preliminary hearings on felonies can be heard in The Court of Common Pleas.

The Justice of the Peace Court

The Justice of the Peace Court is like a small claims court and initial court for cases not exceeding monetary value over $15,000. The hear some misdemeanors and some motor vehicle cases with the exception of felonies. All appeals can start at the Court of the Common Pleas.


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