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DUI - dwi - Driving Under the Influence

DUI or driving under the influence is considered a crime when driving a motor vehicle. It is also known as drink-driving or drunk-driving or operating under the influence. Another offense is DWI, driviing while intoxicated. This does not mean drinking only, it applies to driving while impaired by alcohol, or drugs, even medication prescribed by your doctor could impair your senses and judgment and you should not be driving under those conditions. Level of intoxication can be measured if you have been drinking BAC or Blood Alcohol Content is the measurement that could determine if you are fit to operat a motor vehicle. Once youre blood alcohol level is above a certain threshold then you are considered not fit to drive and can be fined or jailed if you are caught. If you injure or kill anyone whil under the influence not only you can be fined but imprisoned. In some countries it is a crime not only while driving but operating other moving vehicles even as simple as skateboards in Australia.

Though validity of testing equipment is sometimes questioned by lawyers defending DUI cases, most equipment are inspected regularly and as backup it is possible to do a blood test as well. Each country and state have their own limits and thresholds therefore there is no unified measurement for this crime. And in some areas it is even illegal to have an open container of alcolholic beverage in the passenger part of the vehicle.

In general lawyers who defend DUI cases are called DUI lawyers most of their defense usually is based on questioning technical issues with measurement equipments. One such equipment is a breathalyzer, invented by Robert Frank Borkenstein. The breathalyzers do not measure the blood alcohol concentration for that you need to do a blood test. The handheld breathalyzers usually measure based on electrochemical platinum fuel cell analysis and are used by law enforcement for field sobriety tests, There are also desktop models that use infrared spectrophotometer technology, electrochemical fuel cell technology. But as mentioned each jurisdiction has its own rules for example in South Dakota breathalyzer tests are not permited in courts and only blood tests are used to prosecute.