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Georgia Court records are a reliable source for searching criminal backgroundss, to locate people and to lookup liens, judgements, bankruptcy and arrest records in Georgia. Search Georgia Court Records and see convictions, felonies, misdemeanors, sex offenses and other criminal record offenses.Find Case Number, arrest record, filing date, disposition, offense and sentence. While each state has different privacy statutes almost all states carry statewide information for people in the state corrections system. Search in courts such as Georgia State Courts, Georgia State Appellate Courts, Georgia State Supreme Courts, Alabma County Court, Georgia Small Claims Courts, Georgia Municipal Courts, Georgia County Courts, Georgia Family Courts, Georgia Probate Courts, Georgia Bankruptcy Courts, Georgia Traffic Courts. Civil court record search will help you find non-criminal litigation. This Georgiasearch will identify suits filed by individuals or corporations including product liability suits and civil rights violations in Georgia.


Trial Courts of Georgia

Magistrate Court

Magistrate courts in Georgia which are county courts issue warrants, oversee minor criminal offenses hear civil claims of $15,000 or less, also they hear cases involving county ordinance violations, landlord or tenant disputes, dispossessories. For criminal cases magistrate court holds preliminary hearings and issue search warrants or in certain cases magistrate court can set bail for defendants. There are no juries in magistrate court trials.

Probate Court

Original jurisdiction in the probate of wills and administration of decedents' estates is designated to the probate court of each county. Probate courts hear cases of probate and wills, institutionalization of incapacitated adults. Probate courts also issue marriage licenses, licenses to carry firearms and legal guardianship. In Georgia counties where there is no state court present probate court has extended responsibilities and can oversee traffic and certain misdemeanor cases.

Juvenile Court

Juvenile courts as it is named hears cases involving children or anyone under 18 and includes traffic offenses committed by juveniles as well as any other deliquency charges. Juvenile courts in Georgia also concurrently have jurisdiction with superior courts over child custody and child support disputes.

State Court

State courts have limited jurisdiction within each county. They oversee misdemeanors including traffic violations, and can issue arrest warrants or hear preliminary hearings for criminal cases. State court judges serve a four-year term and are elected or appointed by the Governor.

Municipal Court

There are 350 municipal courts in Georgia that hear traffic offenses, local violations, and issue warrants. The judges in Municipal court are usually appointed by the mayor.

Superior Court

The 49 superior court of Georgia hear both civil and criminal cases. such as felony trials, domestic matters, divorces and hear appeals from limited jurisdiction courts. Superior Court judges serve four-year terms and are elected through circuit-wide nonpartisan elections.

Courts of Appeal

Court of Appeals of Georgia

The Court of Appeals has 12 judges sitting in 4 panels of three who can review civil and criminal cases from the trial courts. They can correct legal errors made duringt the trial but cannot alter jury verdicts or the outcome of bench trials.

Supreme Court of Georgia

The Supreme Court in Georgia as in any other state is the highest court and can review decisions from civil and criminal cases by any other court in Georgia. The Supreme court also rules on cases involving the constitutionality of state statutes or death sentence cases. There are no trials at the Supreme Court.
The judges of Supreme court review trial transcripts, and accompanying records and briefs and make decisions through discussions and conferences. The Chief Justice and the Presiding Justice preside for a two-year term.

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