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Idaho Court records are a reliable source for searching criminal backgrounds, to locate people and to lookup liens, judgements, bankruptcy and arrest records in Idaho. Search Idaho Court Records and see convictions, felonies, misdemeanors, sex offenses and other criminal record offenses. Find Case Number, arrest record, filing date, disposition, offense and sentence. While each state has different privacy statutes almost all states carry statewide information for people in the state corrections system. Search in courts such as Idaho State Courts, Idaho State Appellate Courts, Idaho State Supreme Courts, Alabma County Court, Idaho Small Claims Courts, Idaho Municipal Courts, Idaho County Courts, Idaho Family Courts, Idaho Probate Courts, Idaho Bankruptcy Courts, Idaho Traffic Courts. Civil court record search will help you find non-criminal litigation. This Idaho search will identify suits filed by individuals or corporations including product liability suits and civil rights violations in Idaho.

Idaho Supreme Court

Idaho has seven judicial districts, has 5 Supreme Court Justices, and 4 Court of Appeals Judges and 122 Trial Judges. Idaho is also organized like most states and the judicial system is presided by the Supreme Court which mostly hears cases of civil disputes regarding famil, sums of money or eterminations of rights relating to contractual arrangements. But of course like other states it has jurisdiction over any claims against the state of Idaho and extraordinary writs.

Idaho Court of Appeals

Court of Appeals has jurisdiction over appeals from District Courts.The judges in Courts of Appeal server a 6 year term.

Idaho District Courts

District Courts have judges who serve a 4 year term. District Courts have jurisdiction over felonies, personal injuries and civil claims, property disputes and contracts. It serves as the appeal court for Magistrate Courts, state agencies and boards and also small claim courts.

Magistrate Courts

Magistrate court has 87 magistrate judges and hears cases about civil action, personal injuries, property disputes, contracts with values up to $10,000. Magistrate Court can also hear Traffic cases, Probate, Juvenile cases, Misdemeanors, Domestic relation cases and issue arrest warrants. Magistrate judges hear cases from Small Claims Court with values up to $4,000.


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