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Colorado Court records are a reliable source for searching criminal backgrounds, to locate people and to lookup liens, judgements, bankruptcy and arrest records in Colorado. Search Colorado Court Records and see convictions, felonies, misdemeanors, sex offenses and other criminal record offenses.

Find Case Number, arrest record, filing date, disposition, offense and sentence. While each state has different privacy statutes almost all states carry statewide information for people in the state corrections system. Search in courts such as Colorado State Courts, Colorado State Appellate Courts, Colorado State Supreme Courts, Alabma County Court, Colorado Small Claims Courts, Colorado Municipal Courts, Colorado County Courts, Colorado Family Courts, Colorado Probate Courts, Colorado Bankruptcy Courts, Colorado Traffic Courts

Civil court record search will help you find non-criminal litigation. This Colorado search will identify suits filed by individuals or corporations including product liability suits and civil rights violations in Colorado.


Colorado Supreme Court

Like most states Colorado has court system that consists of Appelate courts and Trial courts. At the top of the appelate courts is the Colorado Supreme Court that is a court of last resort and usually hears cases on appeal from the Court of Appeals, though some of the lower courts can petition to be heard directly in the Supreme Court.

Colorado Court of Appeals

The Colorado Court of Appeals is the court of appeal for all the lower courts including juvenile and probate courts and has a final decision on cases unless Supreme court accepts the petition for appeal. The Court of Appeals also hears cases and reviews decisions made by many of the state administrative agencies.


Colorado District Courts

District Courts oversee most civil cases including domestic cases, criminal, juvenile or probate cases. Appeals from District court decisions go to Court of Appeal and in some instances to the Colorado Supreme Court.

Colorado County Courts

Civil cases under $15,000 in dispute are handled by the county courts as well as misdemeanors, traffic and felony complaints. County courts also handle protection orders, and small claims. County court decisions may be appealed to the district court as the first step.

Colorado Water Courts

There are 7 Water Courts in Colorado and they reside over cases in relations to the determination of water rights and use and administration of water.

Denver Juvenile Court
520 West Colfax Avenue  Room 125
Denver, CO  80204
Phone: 720-337-0570 

Denver Probate Court
1437 Bannock St. Room 230
Denver, CO 80202
Phone: 720-865-8310

Denver Probate Court Pro Se Resource Center
1437 Bannock St. - 3rd Floor
Denver, CO 80202
Phone: 720-865-8746

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